Janet Findlay



  • Level 1 Crossfit Coach
  • Crossfit Kids Coaching Certification
  • Crossfit Olympic Lifting Specialty Seminar
  • Crossfit Endurance Specialty Seminar
  • CanfitPro Personal Training Specialist
  • CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Learn-to Run & Learn-to-Train Instructor
  • NLS Certified Lifeguard & Red Cross & LSS Advanced Swim Instructor
  • NCCP Swim Coach & NCCP Nordic Ski Coach

“My path to Crossfit was a long road of many sports and athletic endeavours. As I started to hear more about Crossfit, I was very sceptical and not convinced that a 7 min AMRAP was going to fill my need for long training runs or gruelling intervals on the bike… 25+ years of hours and hours of training! But I was curious…”


Rowing was my first true sport passion. I rowed Varsity and Club for 5 years in addition to competing on the Nordic ski team at university. I trained hard in the gym and on the ERG (rower) during the off-season, and sometimes twice a day on the water during summer months. With swimming & running in my athletic background, Triathlon was a natural fit for me post-university. I started cycling and training with a club in Ottawa and competed at countless duathlons & triathlons, eventually finding my way to Ironman, always seeking that next challenge, that new way to test my physical limits. For me, the longer the challenge, the better – Adventure Team racing 24 hr to 6 day races all over Canada for a few years and then Ultra running soon followed, competing in distances up to and including 100 miles, tackling courses and mountainous terrain I had never encountered before.

I loved training and competing, but wanted to blend my career path with this passion, so I began to look for ways to share my experiences and knowledge with others. I coached numerous sports over the years and worked with Personal training clients at a gym in addition to teaching a range of fitness classes. I was on the right path, but it wasnt quite right. A typical gym is filled with machines and I found I was using more bodyweight and functional exercises with my clients, and the style of Group Fitness that was popular at the time, didn’t suit me.

So how did I eventually find my way to Crossfit as both an athlete AND a coach?

Dave Emery. Our head coach and one of the box owners, invited me in, and patiently mentored and watched as my eyes opened to this different approach to fitness. Crossfit has allowed me to finally combine my passion for athletics and movement, love of teaching and coaching all ages and abilities, promoting health & wellness and share it with a whole new community of people looking for improving their quality of life or excelling at their sport of choice.
I have competed at a few Crossfit comps, and I LOVE the daily WOD’s, but truly what I love the most is the community of Crossfit. …I have found my niche and living what I love to do.”

Favourite movement: single arm DB snatch
Least favourite movement: Chest to Bar pull ups