Linda Wilson


  • Crossfit Level One Trainer Certificate
  • Crossfit Specialty Course – Olympic Weightlifting
  • Crossfit Specialty Course – Endurance Running
  • CPR/First Aid

When Linda isn’t crushing ultra-marathons, she can be found at the gym giving her all to every WOD and helping newcomers embrace CrossFit through the OnRamp program. She also shares her love of running through helping with the Learn To Run program.

“Fitness and good health have always been a big part of my life. I strongly believe in order to live a long, fulfilling, happy life we need to include exercise in our daily routine and at any age.”

When I was first introduced to Crossfit , I saw that it embraced my ideals and more. As a member of the Core, I am challenged daily by the coaches and inspired by gym members working out alongside me. No matter your skills, abilities, age, or gender – for each individual who ventures through the doors of The Core, there is a spot on the floor. As a coach at the Core, I hope to encourage and inspire others to make time in their lives to build a strong, healthy body while being a part of a unique community of people. Walking through the door of the gym for the first time can be a bit scary and intimidating but people quickly find that they are able to work within their own capacity and grow at their own pace.

Crossfit has forced me to explore new challenges and push myself physically in new ways. As a long time endurance athlete I have become comfortable running long distances – 100 km race? Sign me up. A workout with a 500 metre row – I break out into a sweat! Taking down a Chipper with multiple movements and reps that may last up to 40 minutes – bring it on! 8 minute AMRAP with wall balls and toes-to-bar – can I just substitute running and running? In the end, no matter what goes down that day, I am always happy to have pushed myself to new limits.”

Favourite movement: overhead squats
Least favourite: rowing