• Certified level three rowing coach
  • Crossfit level one trainer

Rae’s sharp wit and sense of humour can always bring a laugh to any class or WOD! If you aren’t sure who she is, she is the one who WODs barefoot!

“I love our crossfit community! I also really appreciate the amazing space we get to share and workout in together. I am such a fan of movement. I just love to watch and not only improve myself but also help fellow members achieve their goals.”

Past coaching experience in rowing has helped me appreciate and love the crossfit world and how it can help in so many other ways in our lives. Anytime I get to walk into the gym and better myself and help someone else out I am lucky to be able to do so and help our awesome coaches out in any way!

Favourite movement: Power cleans FOR SURE!
Least favourite: wall balls”