• CrossFit Level 1
  • NCCP Level 1
  • B.A. Kinesiology

Over the last 6 years, Sam has also coached and led the cross country running teams at both Whitehorse Elementary School and Saint Thomas Aquinas High School.

“CrossFit has been a constant in my life for over 5 years. Every time I walk into the Core I feel inspired and motivated. We have a gym full of incredible athletes who take down each WOD with intensity, determination, and heart. No matter what your ability or skill level, everyone has an equal place on the mat. A 100% real inclusive community. How cool is that?!”

So now you know why I CrossFit… but why do I coach? Well, what is going to sound cliche is really me being completely honest. I love seeing new athletes come to the gym, new athletes who are nervous and doubtful of their own potential, leave feeling strong and determined. They begin to understand CrossFit as a transformative process. Because that’s what it is. Learning the skills and building strength doesn’t simply happen overnight. It’s a practice nourished by time, patience, and persistence. And, as a coach, that’s an inspiring process to be a part of!

I LOVE kettle bell swings and squats
I strongly DISLIKE box jumps”