What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is more than a core strength and conditioning program. CrossFit is a world wide community filled with people who share a love for movement. It Challenges us the individual as a whole creating in Greg Amundson’s words “The Total Athlete” Im not going to try and re-write what he has said on this topic but highly suggest checking out his site www.crossfitamundson.com, but i will say this the lessons we learn in the gym help us out in the real world. Besides the health benefits we receive.

It provides us with the mental strength and determination to finish any task set in front of us, to the best of our abilities. Its very rare we get to share our lessons of life with others, especially as we learn them. The CrossFit community does just that, it allows us to be human in success or failure helping us realize there is always something we can learn from each and every experience.